Upcoming Projects

Trash Picking Drone

Kalibotics and Sprylynx are currently in collaboraton to develop a fully autonomous trash picking drone.

The drones will be able to autonomously fly to designated trash depositing sites at preprogrammed intervals and use multi-sensory data to locate trash bags which they will transport to landfill sites.

 The trash picking drones are also able to take evasive actions to avoid attacks or theft.


Autonomous Tractor

The huge potential of the agriculture sector in Africa has prompted us to begin prototyping work on an autonomous farm vehicle. The tractor is fully autonomous and uses  transponders placed at the edges of a farm to determine its position on the farm. It is also capable of avoiding objects, animals or humans its path.

Solar Drone

One major problem with flying drones for extended periods of time is power. At Kalibotics, we aim to solve this power problem by harnessing the solar energy in the earth's atmosphere. Essentially creating a solar drone that refuels itself in flight.