Solar Powered VTOL


We plan to build solar-powered vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance purposes. Our solar-powered VTOL will be able to fly for extended periods of time and carry out object recognition and scene segmentation tasks. This will be facilitated by an onboard companion computer on the drone, which will run Artificial Intelligence models. The drone can be used for security and rescue missions.



  • Object detection: Accurately track a target, using its onboard A.I. object detection model. It can lock on any moving target and locate temporarily hidden objects automatically.


  • Powerful Optical Zoom: 30x zoom in full HD video with 30 times optical zoom.


  • Vertical take-Off and landing: Require less physical space and infrastructure to get into the air compared to traditional planes and are not subject to restrictions on the characteristics of the landing space.


  • Solar Powered: The aircraft taps solar energy from the sun through its solar panels. It stores part of the energy in its built-in storage batteries, makes adequate use of the solar energy during the day and relies only on the energy stored in the battery to maintain the flight at night.


  • Geofencing: Plan and execute your missions within a virtual environment. Geofencing enables the aircraft to maintain operation only within the virtual environment. Operations outside this virtual environment would not be executed.


Use Cases

  • Security & Defence: Aerial surveillance and monitoring capabilities, streaming real-time night vision and daylight images, with unlimited range, powerful zoom and Artificial Intelligence based object tracking and recognition suitable for detecting crime scenes, kidnapping, and other criminal acts.


  • Oil & Gas Industry: Autonomous long range aerial inspection and remote monitoring for onshore & offshore assets.


  • Survey & Mapping: Capture geo-spatial data in a fraction of the time and cost, easily reach isolated areas and produce high-resolution aerial maps for cartography, land management & development, urban planning and much more.