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Our Projects

Computer Vision-based Mini Self-driving Bot

The Kalibotics Mini Self-driving bot is a Computer Vision-based bot that is capable of lane detection and collision avoidance. The Self-driving bot is powered by an onboard Linux computer that runs our deep learning algorithms for lane detection, and collision avoidance. The optimization of the deployed models allows the robot to carry out inferencing of visual data acquired from the RGB visual sensor in real-time.

Autonomous Drone

Kalibotics built a repurposable multicopter drone that has the capacity to fly autonomously, and follow the drone operator. This drone can be upgraded with a companion computer to perform artificially intelligent tasks such as crop health analysis, crop counting, and object detection/tracking.

Chessbot (AI-powered Chess Playing Robot)

The Kalibotics AI Chessbot is an AI-powered robot that is capable of beating even the top chess players at a game of chess. The chess bot system features technology domains and tools such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision, 3D printing, Linux, and the Stockfish chess engine.