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About Us

Kalibotics is a Robotics Company driven by the desire to impact social change in Africa. Our Mission is to improve the standard of living of Africans and bring millions of people out of poverty through Robotics in Education, Agriculture, and Manufacturing.

Autonomous Drone

The Kalibotics K-101 drone developed in partnership with AI company Sprylynx, is an obstacle detection and collision avoidance drone in development.

Self driving toy cars for kids

The Kalibotics M-101 is an arduino-based obstacle avoidance car. The M-101 helps beginners and kids to develop foundational knowledge in programming, robotics, and electronics.

Smart farming system

The Kalibotics FS-101 is an arduino-based smart farming system that leverages the power of IoT and AI to deliver a modern farm monitoring system to farmers. The FS-101 is capable of predicting which crop types are best for an area based on the moisture content and pH of the soil.



29 Mambilla Street. Aso Drive, Three Arms Zone, Abuja, Nigeria