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Chessbot Expo


The world is in the midst of a technological revolution known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), which entails the emergence of fields such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, 3-D printing, and Quantum Computing. Sadly, Africa is lagging far behind in these fields, with significant socio-economic implications for people in the region over the next few decades, unless drastic steps are taken now.

Kalibotics is a major proponent of the 4IR narrative. The Kalibotics AI Chessbot Expo is a demonstration of the immense potentials of 4IR technologies. Robotics technologies have become important tools that influence every aspect of life. Robotics technologies have the potential to improve lives and work practices, enhance levels of service, and increase efficiency and safety levels.
Furthermore, robotics technologies are becoming the driving technology for a new generation of autonomous devices.


What is the Kalibotics AI Chessbot Expo?

A unique game of chess between two entities.


Why is it unique?

• One of entities involved is a fully autonomous robotic arm.

• The robotic arm can beat the best chess players at their game.

• It is the first of its kind in Nigeria.


How it works

The robotic arm can see the chessboard and read moves just as a human being would. The robotic arm is able to pick up chess pieces and seemlessly place them in appropriate boxes on the chessboard.

Technologies Used


We exploited the co-mingling of science, engineering and technology to produce the Kalibotics AI Chessbot, which is an intelligent chess playing robot.

The robot recieves data from the computer vision and chess modules, and then uses inverse kinematics calculations to precisely position its end effector in 3D space during the chess match.

Artificial Intelligence

The Kalibotics AI Chessbot is powered by Artificial Intelligence. AI gives the chessbot the ability to process visual data and make human-like chess moves.

Computer Vision

The Chessbot uses computer vision to determine the current state of the chessboard, track movement of chess pieces, and interface with the chess module to determine where the Kalibotics AI Chessbot should place the chess piece next.

Raspberry Pi

The raspberry pi is a linux-based singleboard computer. The raspberry pi runs the kinematics, chess, and computer vision modules of the Chessbot. It is technically the brain of the Kalibotics AI Chessbot.

3D Printing

The chess pieces used in Kalibotics AI Chessbot Expo were 3D printed in the Kalibotics lab.



October 21, 2021


9am – 1pm




+234 904 000 1100



Ventures Park, 5  Kwaji Close, Wuse 2 Abuja, Nigeria