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There are some areas too dangerous for humans to explore for a variety of reasons. In such scenarios, rovers come in handy as they can be sent into dangerous areas while humans maintain a safe distance.


The rover is fully autonomous and uses GPS to navigate the real world. It can be given a waypoint command on a ground control system and it will plan a path to the target co-ordinates. The rover will have a camera and sensors to help it avoid obstacles in its way. The autonomous rover can be used for surveillance or accessing areas that might be harmful to humans.



  • Lidar: Measures the distance of a target object by emitting light waves, calculating the distance between its body the corresponding obstacle.


  • Object detection: Accurately detect any trash, using its onboard A.I. object detection model.


  • Depth camera: for depth estimation and scene segmentation


  • Path planning and localization


Use Cases

  • Security & Defence: Ground surveillance and monitoring capabilities, streaming real-time night vision and daylight images, with unlimited range, powerful zoom and Artificial Intelligence based object tracking and recognition suitable for detecting crime scenes, banditry and other public violence.